Thursday, 15 December 2016

Download Netify handler VPN APK App For Free Browsing

Netify operatea like Psiphon and SyponShield yet with some new outlines and remolded settings. Our outstanding software engineer, Odiseo onze, of course, have remolded Psiphon application to draw out this Netify and I have been dealing with it and testing it for various free browsing cheats accessible at this point.

The first I tried was the netify settings for etisalat (Etisalat talk pack and socialme tricks) secondly i tried netify settings for glo (glo 0.00)  and they got connected in seconds with no hitch. I will distribute netify vpn settings with screenshots in consequent posts when am set trying it with different tricks like the netify Etisalat 0.00, netifyMTN 0.00, music besides, BBLITED, impact cheat and so forth...

Components OF NETIFY VPN 

 It is totally upgraded with new illustrations 

 There is no association key this time on the warnings bar 

There is no place to include or evacuate district or nations. (However working) 

 the default handler settings is there however with new UI 

 New symbol included

How and  where to download 


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